Close-up/ Quiet as it’s kept/ Quiet as it's kept/ Close-up (2023). Film Still. 


Close-up/Quiet as it's kept

TANK Shanghai

20 July - 17 September 2024


Intergenerational Forms

Gallery Francesca Minini, Milan

with Carla Accardi, James Bantone, Becky Beasley, Pascale Birchler, Azize Ferizi, Sheila Hicks, Simone Holliger, Deborah-Joyce Holman, PRICE, curated by Eleonora Milani
17 May - 26 July 2024


Arcadia Missa, London

with Alex Margo Arden, Edgar Calel,  Helen Chadwick, Hamishi Farah, Deborah-Joyce Holman, Sang Woo Kim
7 June - 31 July 2024

Queen For A Day (publication)
Book Works & Luma Foundation

Featuring commissioned texts by Cédric Fauq, Olamiju Fajemisin, Noémi Michel and Francis Whorrall-Campbell
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